Cash Back From Gas Stations
Cash Back From Gas Stations

Are you looking for ways to maximize your rewards when you fill up your car at the gas station? If so, you’re in the right place, from signing up for loyalty programs to leveraging credit cards that offer generous cash-back rewardsThis blog will look at the best strategies for getting the most Cash Back from gas stations so that you can save extra money on this increasing gas price market.  

Upside (formerly GetUpside)

Upside (formerly GetUpside) is a cash-back site that gives you money for buying things. You can earn up to 2% cash back on all purchases, including gas stations.

GetUpside Cash-back apps for gas
13 Ways To Get Cash Back From Gas Stations in 2023 5

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Steps to claim Cash-back using Upside

It’s very easy to use.

  • First, Download the Upside app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Register with your email address or Facebook account, linking it to your bank account.
  • Then, use their website or app to buy anything online at thousands of stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target and 25 cents off gas app.


GasBuddy is a great app to use at the pump. GasBuddy has a large database of gas stations and their current prices, so you can see how much money is being saved with each pump. GasBuddy also has an app for your phone that allows users to add their favorite gas stations to quickly locate them when driving around town. You can also win free gas! By completing challenges, you can earn points in the app and enter the $100 gas card daily prize draw.


Dosh is a convenient way to get cash back at gas stations, with no minimums or maximums and no complicated Dosh sign-up Bonus.

With Dosh, you can save money on gas in three easy steps:

  • Download the app (it’s free!)
  • Select your local gas station from the map or search bar, then tap “Get Points” to be rewarded with coupons when you shop there next time.
  • Use those points toward discounts on the price of a gallon of gasoline at participating stations.


Ibotta is a cash-back shopping app that rewards you for buying the stuff you will buy. Just download Ibotta and connect it to your favorite store loyalty cards. Then, when you go to make a purchase, just scan your receipt at the end of your trip. If that item qualifies for cash back, Ibotta will pay you instantly with its PayPal account or Venmo balance.

Cash Back from gas stations
13 Ways To Get Cash Back From Gas Stations in 2023 6

In addition to rewards from big stores like Kroger and Publix, Ibotta also has retailers available like Target, Walmart, and Costco (just to name a few).

Checkout 51

You can save money on groceries, household products, and more with Checkout 51. The app has helped save money on diapers, paper towels, and cat food for the past few years.

Checkout 51 5 Sign Up Promotion.
13 Ways To Get Cash Back From Gas Stations in 2023 7

In order to get cash back from Checkout 51, you need to select the rewards option while checking out at the register at your local store. In addition, drivers can now get cash back on gas with its new fuel rewards offers. A simple, easy-to-use app with over 10 million downloads and nearly 75,000 top reviews lets you buy from any store, including over 5,000 Cash Back from gas stations.

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Gas Station and Fuel finder

Gas Station and Fuel Finder is another free online tool that can help you find the best gas station in your area. It also shows which ones offer discounts on certain days of the week and any special promotions or discounts they’re currently running.

It’s a great way to save money on gas, and there’s no cost to use it!

Gas Guru

Gas Guru is a free online tool that helps you find the best gas prices in your area. It’s easy to use and can help save you money at the pump.

FuelGenie App

  • The Gas Guru app helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area.
  • The app uses your phone’s location to search for nearby stations and lists them by the lowest price per gallon.
  • You can filter results by brand, type of vehicle, and whether they accept cash or credit cards.


Waze is a navigation app that gives you real-time gas prices at nearby gas stations. It can also tell you how far away they are and which has the cheapest price based on your location and the average gas price in your area.

Waze keeps track of all these numbers for each station so that it can show you an up-to-date price comparison. And suppose there’s no price difference between two neighboring stations. In that case, Waze will give both the same “lowest price” rating in its results so that one isn’t shown as cheap for no reason other than being physically closer to you than another one with a higher average cost per gallon.

Gas App

The Gas App is a free rewards app that lets you earn cash-back from gas stations. It’s also easy to use: just download the app, link your debit card, and search for a participating gas station near you. Then fill up and earn cash back!

The Gas App has three tiers of rewards:

  • The first tier gives you 5% back on every purchase made at any participating gas station, 7-Eleven, or Speedway store nationwide. You can also get 2% off at Shell locations using their fuel rewards program (available on Android devices only). For example, if your car needs $200 worth of fuel per month at Shell stations in order to get around town—based on current averages—that means you’ll save approximately $24 per month with their rewards program.


Beblue is a cash-back app that offers up to 5% cash-back on gas purchases at any gas station in the United States. You can earn free money by simply using Beblue when you fill up, and it’s easy to do so:

  • Download the Beblue app to your phone.
  • Sign up for a free account with Beblue (no credit check required).
  • Scan your barcode at the pump with their app or manually enter your payment information and go through all the motions of filling up—but don’t actually pay! Instead, wait until after you’ve stopped pumping gas and are ready to drive away before tapping “Finalize” on their app.


Trunow is a platform that allows you to get money back for buying gas and other purchases at participating stores. Trunow works with the most popular retailers, such as Walmart, gasoline, and Sam’s Club. When you shop at these stores using your Trunow card, the cash-back goes into an account that can be used to buy more gas or groceries from any of those retailers in the future.

You can get started with this program by downloading the app on your iPhone or Android device and opting in to share your location.

Best Cash-back apps for gas?

It is also possible to earn Cash Back from gas stations and grocery stores through GetUpside and Checkout51


That’s all, folks! We hope these tips have inspired you to save cash on your next gas tank. You can also use app sites like Upside (formerly GetUpside) or Gas Guru to find additional savings. With these services, you’ll get alerts through text messages and email notifications when an offer in your area could save you money at the pump.


What is the best app for finding gas stations?

Here are some of our favorite sites for finding the cheapest gas in your area:
Waze: Use this app to find cheap gas in your area.
Google Maps: It’s true, and it’s true again! You can search for fuel prices and get directions to the cheapest gas station using Google Maps.
Gasbuddy: Find the cheapest fuel stations with money-saving rewards.
Upside: You can find cheap gas in your neighborhood and other participating businesses that offer cash back through this app.
PetrolPrices: A free app for finding, comparing, and reviewing petrol stations and prices near you.
Gas Station & Fuel Finder: Get the latest prices and find petrol stations near your location, plus see the information on a list and a map easily.

How to get cash back at a gas station

Additionally, some grocery and superstore chains offer cash back at their gas stations. You can earn up to $100 cash back with a Kroger debit card at Kroger branded stations.

how does getupside work

You can earn cash back on your everyday purchases without changing anything about how you live or shop. GetUpside will deposit your cash back directly into your account once you have made the payment (with a credit or debit card).
1. Claim your offer.
2. Pay as usual.
3. Check In- If Check In isn’t available, just snap a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app.

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