11+ Best Game Apps That Pay Instantly To Paypal 2022 | Full Guide

There are many some ways to make money online, but Games apps that pay instantly to PayPal or free game apps that pay instantly to paypal any other source such as Paytm, Mobikwik, Net Banking etc. are one of the best ways to earn money with your time.

Nowadays people have less time to spare and they want everything fast. So instead of wasting your precious time on playing useless games, why not invest it in game apps that pay you for every second spent playing?

The feeling of having hard cash in your pocket and currency in your bank account is always gratifying. We’ll tell you about the legit games that pay instantly to PayPal in this article.

11+ Best Game Apps that Pay to PayPal

You may have considered playing games in your downtime if you want to earn some money. Making money online from home is one of the most popular side hustles, and it’s very easy to get started. Here are 21+ best game apps that pay to paypal earning apps.


If you’re a gamer, you know the feeling. You’ve spent hours upon hours playing your favorite game, and then one day, you log in, and your account has been deleted. It’s a common problem, especially for those who play on mobile platforms.

Game apps that pay instantly to paypal Mistplay
11+ Best Game Apps That Pay Instantly To Paypal 2022 | Full Guide 5

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this situation. One of those ways is by joining Mistplay, which claims to be the 1 loyalty program for mobile gamers and has given $34 million to date among its user base of over 21 million.

Read detailed articel if you are looking Mistplay sign-up bonus article If you want to earn more money. 

How to Claim a Sign Up Bonus

  1. Download the Mistplay app on your mobile device and create an account.
  2. Link your Google or Facebook accounts to your profile for a convenient sign-in process.
  3. Enter your birthday and gender, as you need to be over 13 years old to play Mistplay games.
  4. Read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy once you’ve created your account.


You can exchange Swagbucks Surveys points for gift cards and cash by watching videos and playing games on the site.

The website of Swagbucks is owned and operated by Prodege, one of the world’s leading digital service providers. As well as Swagbucks, Prodege operates SodaHead, an online polling platform.

Game apps that pay instantly to paypal Swagbucks
11+ Best Game Apps That Pay Instantly To Paypal 2022 | Full Guide 6

Other online bingos and card games offered by Prodege include MyPoints and ShopAtHome.

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How to Claim a Swagbucks sign-up bonus

  • Sign up and claim a $10 sign-up bonus. 
  • Complete the daily goal of 100 SB by building the Swagbutton browser extension
  • You will earn 20 SB if you watch videos.
  • Swagbucks Discover free offers must be completed. You may sign up for newsletters or texts, print coupons, or download apps to earn 5,000 SB.
  • Print 50 free grocery coupons: 50 SB. 
  • You will receive 800 Swagbucks when you refer two friends who sign up for Swagbucks and install the Swagbutton.
  • Join Swagbucks (arcade games) and earn 30 SB.
  • Get 100 SB when you redeem Swag codes (on social media pages) 
  • Daily Swagbucks Trivia: 300 SB.
  • Please upload your grocery receipt(s): 1,500 SB 
  • Answer survey profile questions: 50 SB
  • Complete 10+ surveys: 1,100 SB


MooCash is a cryptocurrency that allows users to earn free money while playing games.

The MooCash app is available on both Android and iOS, and it’s completely free to download. Once you’ve installed the app, you can start earning MooCash by completing offers, watching video ads, and playing games—just like any other app.

Game apps that pay instantly to paypal MooCash
11+ Best Game Apps That Pay Instantly To Paypal 2022 | Full Guide 7

You can also use MooCash as a way to buy gift cards from Amazon, Steam, iTunes, PayPal or Payoneer. You can also send gifts to your friends using MooCash!

The minimum payout threshold for PayPal is 5,000 Gems or $5 through PayPal. The minimum payout threshold for Bitcoin is 1 coin or $1 through Bitcoin. instant cash withdrawal games

How to Claim a MooCash sign-up bonus

Claiming your MooCash sign-up bonus is easy!

  1. Sign up for MooCash
  2. Please verify your account (we will email you a link)
  3. Log in and fill out the form at link.
  4. Follow the instructions there and claim your bonus!

Apps that Allow PayPal cash-outs for pay-to-play games

What legit game apps allow you to cash out to PayPal instantly? Game Apps that Pay to PayPal


You get paid for doing the things you already do online with InboxDollars. You can earn rewards by watching videos, shopping online, taking surveys, and playing games.

Swagbucks (listed above) and InboxDollars are owned by the same company, Prodege. As comprehensive reward apps that offer multiple ways to earn points, InboxDollars and Swagbucks have a lot in common.

You can earn money from some of the most trusted brands in retail, technology, and market research with InboxDollars. In the past decade, over $57 million has been paid out in cash rewards to members.

How to Claim a InboxDollars sign-up bonus

Get paid for your everyday online activities with InboxDollars®! Joining is free and easy.

InboxDollars sign-up bonus can be claimed in the following steps:

  • Download the app.
  • Sign up for InboxDollars here.
  • Verify your email address by clicking on the link they sent you.
  • Complete any offers that you qualify for to earn money!


With AppKarma, you can earn rewards by playing games. It’s a simple way to earn rewards just by using your favorite apps and sites. You can earn points by using any of the available apps, but you’ll get more points if you use the ones we recommend. The more points you have, the more rewards you can redeem.

Appkarma App: Earn 30% Commission on Friends | Referral Code · Earn more points on every referral. Extra 5% bonus on redeeming the points.

You can redeem your points for PayPal cash, or use them to make in-app purchases.

For instance, withdrawing $10 in PayPal cash earns you 725 points. It’s a form of cashback reward and an excellent feature that keeps you playing on the platform.

Read detailed articel if you are looking AppKarma sign-up bonus article If you want to earn more money.

How to Claim a AppKarma sign-up bonus

In order to claim your AppKarma sign-up bonus, you should follow these steps:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Open the app and sign in.
  3. Click on the “Offers” tab at the bottom of your screen and click “Redeem Offer” beside the offer that you want to claim.
  4. Enter your Apple ID password and click “Submit” to complete your claim!


Are you ready to earn free Paypal, Amazon Gift Cards and In-Store Gift Cards?

Get Free Paypal, Amazon Gift Cards, and In-Store Gift Cards to nearly 50 national retailers and restaurants, including Walmart, Disney, Target, Home Depot, Red Lobster, Kohl’s, Domino’s Pizza, Best Buy, and GameStop. Game apps that pay instantly to paypal.

Apart from playing traditional online games, you can participate in simple games like trivia and still earn points.

Join the millions who have earned rewards on Cashback Paradise!

QuickRewards is a legit GPT site that pays you for completing their offers and activities. But, it’s not without its flaws.

How to Claim a QuickRewards sign-up bonus

To claim your QuickRewards sign-up, you must: Game Apps that Pay to PayPal

  • Login to your account
  • Go to the Rewards page and click on “Claim Offer” button
  • Select your offer from the dropdown menu


How to Claim a AppNana sign-up bonus


How to Claim a FeaturePoints sign-up bonus

Coin Pop

How to Claim a Coin Pop sign-up bonus


I hope this article has helped you to discover some of the best Game apps that pay instantly to paypal. From the time I started playing these games, I have never looked back. They are fun, they pay well, and their support teams are always available to help you out if you need them.


What app pays instantly to PayPal?

There are many different types of apps that pay instantly to PayPal, including games, shopping apps and financial services. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites below.
Gamification apps
One way to make money is by playing games. One great example is SlotsMillion, which lets players win real money by playing slots games. Another example is CashShow Poker where players can win real money through playing poker tournaments and cash games.

How can I get $25 instantly?

Are you in need of some extra cash? If so, you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to make $25 fast—and we’ve got the list to prove it.
Claim Sign Up Bonuses and Cash Back: Signing up for new credit cards and using them for purchases can help you earn sign up bonuses and cash back.
Get Paid to Play Games: If you’re looking for something fun, try playing games online for money. You can earn money by completing surveys and taking part in research studies.
Take Online Surveys: Another great way to make money online is through taking surveys, which can be a quick way to earn some extra cash.
Earn Free Cash for Buying Gas and Food: This one’s pretty simple—you just have to buy gas or food (and maybe even do some shopping) with your credit card at participating stores each week! The store will send a check directly to your house every month!
Get a Bonus Refinancing Your Student Loan: Refinancing your student loan can help you save tons of money on interest payments each month—and it could also give you access to more loans than your original lender would have given

What App Can I get $20 instantly?

You can get $20 instantly by using PayPal.
To use PayPal, you will need to sign up for an account and link it to your bank account or credit card. Once you have linked your card, you can send money to anyone with an email address or phone number. You can also withdraw money from your PayPal account into your bank account or credit card.

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