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Get 500 gold points when you sign up for Honey through our referral link. Honey is a user-friendly browser extension that lets you save money when you shop online. Honey automatically searches over 1,000 online shops for the best prices and discounts. In addition, coupon codes are automatically applied at checkout to help you save even more. With Honey, you can save points to get rewards like gift cards, electronics, and more. Get 500 Honey Gold points when you create a free account using our referral link and earn points on your first purchase when you join our Gold Club.

Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with just one click. You can use Honey on Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera & Brave. With Honey, you can find coupons to save on your purchases.

What is a Honey?

Honey is a browser extension that helps you find the best online deals and earn cash back for your online purchases. Honey makes online shopping easy by showing you all of the coupons, promo codes, sales, and offers available anywhere you shop online.

Honey has partnered with many leading companies to offer 100% cash back on thousands of products in over 15 categories, including fashion, beauty & wellness, travel & transportation, and more.

How does Honey work?

Honey 500 gold point sign-up bonus
Honey 500 gold point sign-up bonus 5

Honey is a free browser extension that automatically searches for coupon codes for you, applies them to your online purchases, and tracks the deals you take advantage of.

It’s as easy as:

Honey 500 gold point sign-up bonus
Honey 500 gold point sign-up bonus 6
  • 1) Installing Honey on your browser (Chrome or Firefox).
  • 2) Going shopping online! When browsing an item on a retailer site like Amazon or eBay, the Honey extension will show you if there are better deals available. If there are no coupon codes available, or not enough savings to warrant using one of your credits through Honey Gold points earned by doing surveys, then Honey won’t give you any recommendations. But suppose there’s an opportunity to save money through Honey Gold points earned by doing surveys (see above). In that case, it will recommend applying a discount code from its database based on what items are in your cart and whether they qualify for discounts under certain conditions (e.g., being priced over $75).
Honey 500 gold point sign-up bonus
Honey 500 gold point sign-up bonus 7

Sign up on Honey with your referral link.

When you sign up on Honey, you will receive a 500 bonus gold points if your friend signs in using the same link. If they also spend $30 within three months of joining, they will receive an additional 500 gold points and so on until they spend $250.

honey new user bonus

To receive the $10 PayPal bonus, you must:

  • Sign up for a new Honey Gold account using this referral link.
  • Make at least one purchase on your Honey Gold account within 30 days of signing up.

You will receive an email from us when we have processed your first purchase and added your bonus to your account. This may take up to two business days (48 hours).

How to get 500 bonus gold points?

How to get 500 bonus gold points?

Sign up on Honey with your referral link.

Earn gold points by shopping online.

Earn gold points by sharing your referral link.

Earn gold points by referring to friends.

Earn gold points by completing tasks, watching videos, and more!

join honey get $10 paypal

You can create a Honey account by clicking this link. Once your account is created, I’ll give you an additional $10 bonus when you purchase $50 or more of Halo Top ice cream in the next 30 days!

honey paypal $5

You’ve got a $5 bonus waiting for you.
To claim the bonus, open a new account and make your first purchase with Honey Gold points by September 30th. When you do, we’ll deposit the bonus into your account within 24 hours.

How to earn Gold points?

To earn Gold points, you can do a combination of the following:

  • Buy Honey products.
  • Share Honey on social media.
  • Send your friends and family samples of Honey so that they can try it for themselves!

If you’re looking for more ways to earn Honey points, take note of the following:

  • Share your favorite Honey flavors with coworkers.
  • Bring some into work for the rest of your team! They’ll be grateful for something new and exciting to eat (and drink).

HomeGain Refer and Earn Offer?

HomeGain Refer and Earn Offer is the best way to earn Honey Gold points. You can use your earned HoneyGold points on different services like recharge, shopping, and data packs. If you are a new user of the Honey App, you can also get a Rs 50 bonus by referring your friends to install the app. So follow these steps:

  • Install the app from here: https://www.honeygoldapp.com/install
  • After installing the app, please open it and go to its settings page by tapping on three dots at the top right corner of the screen (or bottom right). Then select the “Refer Friends” option from the menu bar that pops up after tapping on it!

Takeaway: sign up on Honey before shopping online

If you shop online, sign up on Honey with your referral link and get 500 bonus Honey Gold Points.

Honey Gold is a rewards program that lets you earn points when shopping online or offline at participating retailers. You can use these points to redeem back cash rebates and gift cards.

When you shop online with Honey, you’ll earn 1 point for every dollar spent (1%). When you spend $100, you’ll earn 100 points which are equivalent to $1 in cash back or gift cards (2%). By using Honey for all of your purchases, the app would give away half of its revenue to consumers as a reward program so that consumers can save money while simultaneously enticing them to use it more often because there are benefits to doing so (e.g., getting rewarded for doing something fun).).


Thanks for reading this blog post on 500 Honey Gold points! With a 500 Honey Gold points bonus, you can buy a $5 Amazon gift card using your Honey Gold points. The blog discusses the reasons why you should use Honey to make money and how Honey works. If you need to buy something online, you can use your Honey Gold points to save money. If you have friends who want to start making money online, please share this blog post with them! For every friend who joins Honey using your referral link and makes a purchase within 30 days, we’ll give you $10 Honey Gold to redeem at Amazon.com after completing their first purchase!”

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