Welcome bonuses can be a great way for new account holders to earn a little extra cash simply for signing up for a bank account. For many people, the idea of getting a $200 welcome bonus can seem too good to pass up. Luckily, some banks like Chase offer welcome bonuses for new accounts. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best ways to get your 200 dollar welcome bonus, including Chase and other banks.

Chase Checking Account

The Chase Total Checking account is a recommended option for those looking to earn a $200 welcome bonus. To get the bonus, you’ll need to meet specific requirements. First, you’ll need to set up a direct deposit within 90 days of opening your checking account. The amount of the direct deposit required to qualify for the bonus will vary depending on the current offers by the bank. Additionally, you will also need to use your new debit card to make a purchase within 90 days of opening your account.

TD Bank Checking Account

If you’re looking for a bank that offers a welcome bonus with a lower direct deposit requirement, then TD Bank could be a great option for you. To receive the $200 bonus, you need to open a TD Convenience Checking account and deposit at least $500 within the first 60 days of opening. Aside from the welcome bonus, TD Bank will offer free online banking and bill pay, ATM access, and unlimited check writing.

Bank of America Checking Account

Bank of America is another excellent option for those who would like to earn a $200 welcome bonus. However, like the other banks, you will need to meet specific requirements. First, you’ll need to open a Bank of America checking account with the bank, which includes their Advantage SafeBalance Banking account or their Advantage Plus Banking account. Additionally, you will need to set up and receive qualifying direct deposits totaling $2,500 or more within the first 90 days of account opening.

Capital One 360 Checking Account

Capital One is another bank that offers a welcome bonus on opening an account. To receive the bonus deposit, you need to open a checking account, make at least three debit card purchases within the first 45 days, and make e-payments worth $300 or more.

Ally Bank Checking Account

Last on our list is Ally Bank, which offers a $200 bonus to new customers who open an interest checking account. Depositing at least $25,000 and maintaining that balance for three months will qualify you for the bonus. Additionally, Ally Bank Interest Checking accounts come with the added perks of earning interest on your balance, no maintenance fees, and reimbursement for network ATM fees.


In conclusion, earning a $200 welcome bonus by opening a bank account is an excellent way for new account holders to get a little extra cash, especially in these trying times. It is essential to keep in mind that the bonuses are often subject to specific requirements, and it is essential to read the fine print before signing up for anything. Chase and the other banks mentioned in this blog post are excellent options for those looking to open an account that can provide them with extra money. Remember to take everything into account, the bank’s reputation, fees, and account’s terms and conditions before opening any account.

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