CurrencyFair Referral Code
CurrencyFair Referral Code

Are you using the same old method for international money transfers? Then read on. Currencyfair is a fast and secure way to transfer money between your bank accounts and even up to 8 times cheaper than a typical bank. If you wish to join, Use latest CurrencyFair Referral code “HELPINGDESI” while signing up (or this link ).

Open an account with CurrencyFair and make your first money transfer of at least €100 to qualify for a €50 CurrencyFair sign up bonus. Additionally CurrencyFair offers a €50 referral bonus for their referral Bonus.

CurrencyFair Referral Code And Promo Code

  • Currencyfair referral code – HELPINGDESI
  • Currencyfair promo code – SBOFER
  • Latest Currencyfair money transfer referral code – HELPINGDESI
  • Currencyfair €50 referral code – HELLOFIR
  • Currencyfair promo code for first transfer – SBOFER

How to Apply CurrencyFair money referral code?

  1. Visit this link to open a new Currencyfair money account.
  2. Enter your details like Name and Phone No. to verify.
  3. Click on the “have a promo code” option to enter the code or directly sign up with the link.
  4. You will get a €50 sign-up bonus with this Currencyfair Money referral link.

Note: When you transfer money to your account, we will exchange it at rates up to 8x cheaper than banks and send it directly to your recipient.

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What is CurrencyFair Money Transfer?

What is CurrencyFair Money Transfer?
CurrencyFair Referral Code: €50 Welcome Bonus And €50 Referral Bonus 2023 4

Currencyfair Money Transfer is a way to send money to another country. more than 150 countries at a better exchange rate with no hidden fees. CurrencyFair is fast, secure, and up to 8 times cheaper than bank transfer.

CurrencyFair Money Referral Bonus: Get €50, Give €50

CurrencyFair Money Referral Bonus
CurrencyFair Referral Code: €50 Welcome Bonus And €50 Referral Bonus 2023 5

When you sign up, you get a €50 sign up bonus on your first money transfer of €50 or more. And you’ll be eligible for the Currencyfair money referral Bonus, which means that if one of your friends uses code”HELPINGDESI” to sign up, you’ll both get €50.

How to earn CurrencyFair Money referral bonus?

  1. Open the CurrencyFair app or browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on My CurrencyFair >Refer Friends Tab.
  3. Give your friends and family members your CurrencyFair referral code.
  4. You can share it via email, SMS, Facebook, or what’s app.
  5. As soon as your referral makes a €100+ transfer, you both will receive a €50 CurrencyFair credit.


The new and improved CurrencyFair money transfer service offers great exchange rates at no hidden fees for international money transfers. Plus, If you wish to join, Use latest CurrencyFair Referral code “SBOFER” while signing up (or this link ) and get 10 first transfers free and a $50 bonus.


How Can I Receive Money From CurrencyFair?

Create your transaction. Send us the amount and currency to be exchanged – see accepted currencies.
Add recipient details. Select your recipient or fill in the bank details for new recipients.
Choose your deposit method.
Transfer in money to your account

Which is better CurrencyFair or TransferWise?

Between CurrencyFair and TransferWise, there’s a fair amount of overlap in services. We found Wise to be marginally more cost-effective when it comes to simple, fast international payments, while CurrencyFair comes out on top if you want to set your own exchange rate.

How to Get Money From Currencyfair Money Transfer?

Yes. Money transfers through CurrencyFair are safe and legitimate. Regulations from the European Communities (Payment Services) Regulations 2009 govern CurrencyFair and are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Does Currencyfair has a referral program?

If you sign up with a referral link and make a single transfer over €100, CurrencyFair will give you a €50 bonus. Free transfers for the first ten transfers.

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