Is temu legit and safe to order from in 2023

Temu is a legitimate, trustworthy, and secure app for online shoppers. The Temu company is known for providing top-notch products at reasonable prices while prioritizing protecting customer information and transactions.

Temu has implemented various measures to protect and protect its customers’ privacy and security, such as implementing PCI-certified payment systems. It is highly valued in the market, with many relying on it for its exceptional security measures. Temu is so popular that it has been awarded the prestigious Google Play Editor’s Choice recognition.

Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo owns Temu and has a market cap of $102 billion. Temu has implemented several measures to safeguard customer privacy and security, including rigorous vetting of second-party sellers and the use of PCI-certified payment systems. 

If you still doubt whether Is Temu app is legit, read 7 reasons in this article.

Seven reasons why Temu is legit?

Seven reasons why Temu is legit
Is temu legit and safe to order from in 2023 6

#1.Temu owned by company PDD Billion dollar:

 Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo has a market cap of $102 billion, and it is the Parent Company of Temu. By looking at this data, you can rest assured that Temu is not only a legitimate company but also one of the fastest-growing companies. Temu has records of selling will last longer. Alibaba took severe hits.

Temu owned by company PDD Billion dollar
Is temu legit and safe to order from in 2023 7

#2. Temu is record record-downloaded app:

Temu has quickly become the most downloaded app in the United States, surpassing Amazon and Walmart. CNN noted that Temu’s app collected over 11 million active users. Forbes noted that Temu’s app ranked No. 1 on Apple’s app store in 2023.  

Through its online superstore, Temu offers everything from home goods to apparel to electronics at affordable prices. Temu has expanded to Canada, the U.K., Mexico, and many Ethiopian markets and is achieving record growth. The theme is “shop like a billionaire.”

#3. Temu low-price items:

Temu offers low prices on consumer goods, Temu offers spin-the-wheel games, and credits for recruiting friends. Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok posts praising Temu have gone viral recently. You can find many latest fashion products and cosmetics in Temu between $1 to $5. 

Many people compare Temu with popular e-commerce websites such as Shein, Wish, and AliExpress. However, Temu distinguishes itself from these platforms in a few significant ways. Unlike Shein, which mainly focuses on fashion and apparel, Temu offers a diverse range of products, the same as Amazon. Still, if you compare Temu Vs Amazon, then you will find Temu is very low in pricing. Read further Why is Temu so cheap?

#4. Temu Coupons are offered on top of low prices:

Temu is already so cheap but still offers many coupons, like a $100 coupon bundle offer as a Temu sign-up bonus and a 50% discount if you download Temu and shop in an hour. These coupons reduce the price of many items by up to 90%. You can also use the Temu coupon code to get a massive discount. 

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#5. Temu offers Free Shipping:

Since Temu offers free shipping for almost everything (minimum order of $10) makes Temu an authentic app. Temu does offer free returns. I returned Temu with a full refund. My friend even got Temu free stuff when he attempted to return it; Temu said the item was 100% refunded with no return option. So he kept items and also got a full return in 1 day.

Temu offers Free Shipping
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  • Items are typically delivered within 7-10 days.
  • Can earn free stuff for referrals.
  • Receive credit for damaged or missing items. If your packages arrived late then Temu offers a $5 credit if you ordered with standard shipping and $13 with express shipping.

#6.Temu Affilaite program: 

The Temu affiliate program is a great way to earn extra money by promoting their products. This program allows digital content creators, bloggers, and publishers to refer Temu and earn money under the Temu influencer program.  

The Temu Affiliate Program has no requirements to join! We have received tons of great reviews about the commission and experience from our influencers. Some folks are making $10,000 per month. We made $17654 (Image attached). 

cashbackearning LOGO 93
Is temu legit and safe to order from in 2023 9

If you haven’t already joined the Temu Affiliate Program, then Click below to join and start earning up to $100K per month.

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#7. Temu offers a wide range of Products:

With Temu, you can buy many products at steep discounts, most coming directly from Chinese factories or warehouses. Temu’s popularity can no doubt be attributed to its strategy of giving Temu free stuff to users who promote the app on social media and invite friends and family to download it.

You can find the latest fashion products, cosmetics, and more at Temu. Temu features exciting brands, products, and tools. Whether you are dressing up for a wedding or celebrating a festive occasion, Temu has got you covered. 


You can rest assured that the Temu app is completely legit and safe to order form. Temu offers exceptionally affordable products by directly connecting consumers to suppliers. Temu has a vast network of sellers with their reviews on Temu app. Before placing an order, consumers can review both the seller and product feedback. Additionally, Temu offers a full return policy up to 90 days. Temu’s prices are incredibly affordable by linking customers directly with suppliers, while also managing the shipping process. It’s important to note that Temu doesn’t own the listed products on its website but instead serves as a mediator between buyers and sellers.


Is Temu safe to use?

Following the suspension of Pinduoduo, Temu’s sister site, the U.S. accused Temu of posing a data security threat. CNBC, however, says Temu is no threat, while Pinduoduo poses more risks since it targets Chinese Internet users

Is Temu a safe site to order from?

As a result of reviewing the authenticity of Temu, it is a legitimate and trustworthy e-commerce platform. To establish itself as a reliable online shopping source, Temu offers high-quality products at competitive prices.

Why is Temu so cheap?

As a result of connecting consumers directly with suppliers, Temu reportedly kept costs low. Temu handles only shipping for customers themselves. As a result, Chinese startups can keep their operation costs low and, therefore, their product prices low.

Does Shein own Temu?

No, Temu is owned by PDD Holdings, a multinational commerce group headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. In USA, T Temu is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

Is Temu accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Temu is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but its average rating has improved and now has 4 out of stars. 

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