How To Return Temu Items?| Temu Return Policy 2023

Are you not satisfied with the last Temu purchase you made? Returning Temu Items is easy with Temu Return Policy.

Almost every item on Temu can be returned within 90 days of purchase without any shipping fee, and your refund will be credited to your account within 14 days. 

Temu still does not allow returns on some products. Temu also does not allow you to exchange products.

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How To Return Temu Items?| Temu Return Policy 2023 6

This article will cover Temu Return Policy, Temu Shipping Fee, and Return Temu Items Method For Returning Stuff. Let’s Get Started!

Can You Return Temu Items?

Yes, you can return items purchased from Temu. Almost all products sold on Temu are eligible for return or refund as long as it’s done within 90 days from the purchase date. and you must remember that your countdown for 90 days starts from the day you place an order, not the day your item is shipped.

Can You Return Temu Items?
How To Return Temu Items?| Temu Return Policy 2023 7

How To Return Temu Items?

The Process to return Temu items is quite simple and easy:

  1. Login to your Temu Account.
  2. Go to the “Your Orders” section and click on Return/Refund.
  3. Then Select the item you want to return and give a valid reason with photos of the product.
  4. Select your Return Method; your first Temu return will be free.
  5. Then, choose how you will receive your money; the fastest way is by Temu Credit.
  6. Once you have submitted your request, Temu will provide you with a Return Label.
  7. You will need to print and tape your return label outside the package.
  8. Mail your package to the nearest USPS or UPS location, and you’re done!
  9. Your Temu item will be dropped off within 14 days, and once they receive the items, your refund will be issued.
How To Return Temu Items?
How To Return Temu Items?| Temu Return Policy 2023 8

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Does It Cost To Return Items To Temu?

Yes, exactly. Temu offers free returns within the first time, but charges a $7.99 shipping fee for subsequent returns. Your net refund will be the total purchase amount minus any return shipping fees.

Also, if you prefer, you can utilize your saved Temu Credits for free returns.

Always remember to check the Temu Return and Refund Policy for the most accurate and recent information.

Is It Hard To Return Items To Temu?

Temu makes returning items so simple and easy. After selecting the item and the method, Temu will ask you for the payment method you wish to use to get your money back. 

You must then print and attach the Return label to the outside of the item and mail it to your nearest UPS office. Temu will assign you a unique Return label to Return Temu Items.

If you return your product to Temu within 14 days, you will receive a refund.

Temu Return Multiple Items

When returning multiple items on Temu, you must select all the items you wish to return and the quantity of the items, then select the return method.

Whenever possible, you should return multiple items on the first Temu return, as the company offers a free return for every order within 90 days. 

It is Temu’s responsibility to cover the first shipment-back fee, and customers can drop the box off at the USPS or UPS office nearest them.

Temu Refund Without Return

You don’t need to return certain products on Temu to receive your refund. Temu will return your money if you return Temu items, and the product will be marked as “No Return Needed.

Keeping it for yourself, donating it, or recycling it are your three options with Temu. Your Temu credit will be deposited into your account as soon as you request Temu return.

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How To Return Temu Items?| Temu Return Policy 2023 9

Remember, not all products on Temu can be refunded without a return; however, some products can be refunded without returning them.

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Temu Return Reviews

Once you follow all the easy steps, you will receive your money from Temu Return. It’s so easy to apply. You just have to choose the product you want to return and the payment method.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that, as with any service, people’s experiences may vary. Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction due to the inconvenience of needing to drop off their returns at a USPS or UPS location. However, overall, Temu has maintained strong ratings in both the Google Play and Apple App stores, indicating a generally favorable user experience.


Temu makes it so easy to return products. Here is a step-by-step guide to returning Temu items. You can also get $100 off on your next Temu purchase when you use Temu Coupon.

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