RebatesMe sign-up bonus

RebatesMe is a retailer rebate site that offers Cashback on online purchases at several popular stores. You can get your $30 bonus from RebatesMe by visiting this RebatesMe $35 Bonus Referral Link and signing up for free. RebatesMe will immediately credit your new account with the bonus.

You must earn Cashback totaling over $10 within 365 days of joining the program to qualify for the $30 sign-up bonus.

RebatesMe sign-up bonus
RebatesMe: Get a $30 sign-up bonus and earn a $30 referral bonus 5

When your cashback amount reaches a minimum of $10 signup bonus, you can request a payment via PayPal or Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard).Although the $30 sign-up bonus won’t be available until you’ve earned $10 in Cashback through purchases, once you’ve earned $10 in Cashback, you can withdraw the entire amount in your account (the bonus plus the $10+ in Cashback).

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Here’s how to get a $30 Signup bonus from RebatesMe

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RebatesMe: Get a $30 sign-up bonus and earn a $30 referral bonus 6

1. Register for a free account by clicking this RebatesMe $30 Referral Link (you can also enter the code “ hnk1v5” if you sign up in the app).

2. Your account will be credited with the $30 bonus instantly.

3. Within 365 days of joining, shop online at participating merchants to earn $10 or more in Cashback rebates.

4. After you earn at least $10 in Cashback from purchase transactions, the $30 sign-up bonus becomes payable, and you can request a payout.

5. You will receive your $30 bonus as well as any additional cashback you earned to your PayPal or Credit Card accounts (Visa/Mastercard).

Become a RebatesMe referral and earn $30

1. Access your unique referral link in the “Invite Friends” section of your RebatesMe account.

2. Share your RebatesMe referral link with family and friends.

3. RebatesMe will credit your account with a $30 referral bonus once someone signs up using your link.

4. When your referrals sign up, you will earn a $30 referral bonus, and they will receive a $30 welcome bonus.

5. You will not be able to access your $30 referral bonus until your referral earns a minimum of $10 in Cashback within 365 days of opening an account.

6. RebatesMe does not limit the number of people you can refer.

If you plan on making some online purchases, this is an easy way to earn a free $30 bonus.

How to use rebatesme Referral code

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address, select your device, and click “Sign up”
  3. Follow the instructions to verify your phone number and verify your identity
  4. Once you are verified, you will be prompted to enter your referral code, which is hnk1v5

Note: We are official partners with RebatesMe and are only giving $30 signup bonus through this referral link hnk1v5. You can redeem rebates from your RebatesMe account for a minimum of $10.

RebatesMe Features:

RebatesMe Features:
RebatesMe: Get a $30 sign-up bonus and earn a $30 referral bonus 7

Here are some exciting features of RebatesMe:

  • RebatesMe lists more than 3,000 retailers.
  • RebatesMe allows you to search stores on the website and then route to the store directly from there to track your purchase as a shopping trip. Your purchase will automatically qualify for Cashback.
  • Get RebatesMe Cash Back by downloading the extension. Your Cashback will be activated whenever you shop. In addition, promo codes will be applied. RebatesMe works for me because I don’t have to change my shopping habits at all. 
  • The RebatesMe app is available for iPhones and Androids. You might want to check out the RebatesMe cashback app if you shop on your phone.
  • Make sure you use them to earn as much Cashback as possible. When you use RebatesMe, you’ll get Cashback when you’re on a site that’s eligible for Cashback.


RebatesMe ( is an online shopping website based in Portland, Oregon. We provide the best exclusive deals, Cashback, and coupon codes. RebatesMe has returned over 30M USD to over 350K users so far.


What are rebates, and how do I use them?

Start a RebatesMe Shopping Trip first. To do this, click on any RebatesMe link to the store you’ll shop with before you complete the transaction. 2. Once you click a RebatesMe link, a pop-up will confirm that you can shop at the store and earn Cash Back.

Is RebatesMe com legit?

RebatesMe, is it legit? RebatesMe is a legit way to earn rewards at many online retailers. This company has been around for eight years and offers competitive cashback rates.

How do you cash out on RebatesMe?

Cash Back can be redeemed via PayPal, Credit Card, or Gift Card. If your account’s Cash Back balance reaches a minimum of $10, you can request a payment. To request payment, you will need to log into your RebatesMe account and click the “Cash Out” button.

How can I create referral code?

1Use an automation software. This will help you save time and you’ll do 2everything you need for your referral program more efficiently. …
3Personalize it. …
4Use QR Codes. …
5Set some conditions and terms of usage. …
6Customers are assigned a unique code.

How does a referral link work?

The referral link is a type of URL (Uniform Resource Link) used in the referral marketing campaigns to promote their brand and products through their existing customers (advocates) making them the brand ambassadors for their company. 

How to claim the RebatesMe

For your first Cash Out, your payment must include at least one rebate order. You’ll need to log in to your RebatesMe account and click the “Cash Out” button so that you can submit a request for your payment. You can use PayPal, Credit Card or choose a Gift Card to receive your Cash Back.

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