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Robinhood, with its commission-free trading of stocks, EFTs, and options, is the best platform for you and your friend if you both share a passion for trading.

You can enjoy a $200 Robinhood referral bonus free stock on referring a friend once their brokerage application gets approved within 60 days.

Additionally, your friend can receive a sign-up bonus ranging from $5 to $200.

Get Unlimited $200 Robinhood Referral Bonus in Free Stock (2024)
Get Unlimited $200 Robinhood Referral Bonus in Free Stock (2024) 8

To take advantage of this offer, use our referral link during the sign-up process and share the promo code SIGNUP200 with your friend.

With Robinhood, you can enjoy the highest interest rate ever on uninvested cash, which is FDIC-insured up to $2.25M at partner banks. You can trade your favorite stocks and ETFs, including TSLA, AMZN, AAPL, and more, 24/5. Additionally, you can store your crypto in a Web3 wallet.

When you subscribe to Robinhood Gold, you can earn additional returns on every dollar contributed to your IRA, with up to 3%* extra. Plus, until April 30th, IRA transfers and 401(k) rollovers also earn 3%.

If you want to learn more about the Robinhood referral bonus, sign-up bonus, and other ways to earn money through trading, keep reading our article.

$200 Robinhood Referral Bonus

sending them the promo code SIGNUP200, you and your friend will receive gift stocks ranging from $5 to $500
Get Unlimited $200 Robinhood Referral Bonus in Free Stock (2024) 9

When you invite your friends to join Robinhood by sending them the promo code SIGNUP200, you and your friend will receive gift stocks ranging from $5 to $500 from top American companies.

To qualify, your friend must sign up using the promo code, get approved, and link their bank or debit card.

You can earn Robinhood referral bonus gift stocks worth up to $1,500 per year. The value of your gift stock is in dollars, and you can choose a stock from a list of popular companies based on their size in the market. You can even use it to buy fractional shares of those companies.

How to Get Robinhood Referral Bonus

Here are the steps to get the Robinhood referral bonus:

  • Sign up: Create a Robinhood account if you don’t already have one by using the link mentioned above.
  • Share the Promo Code: Share the promo code SIGNUP200 to your friend.
  • Friend Joins: Your friend signs up using your link or promo code.
  • Friend Completes Setup: They need to get approved and link their bank or card.
  • Both Get Bonus: You both receive the bonus.
  • Claim and Use: Claim your Robinhood referral bonus and use it to invest or cash out.
  • Get Your Link: Find and share your own unique referral link.
  • Repeat: Keep referring friends for more bonuses.

How to Redeem Referral Bonus

Once your gift stock is available, we’ll notify you to claim it. You can claim it either through the app in Earn stock or on the web in Rewards.

Keep in mind, you have 60 days to claim your gift stock before it expires. After claiming it, you can sell the gift stock after 3 trading days. Once sold, you’re free to use the proceeds to invest in other stocks.

If you want to withdraw the proceeds as cash, you need to keep the cash value of the stock in your account for at least 30 days. After this 30-day period, you can withdraw the proceeds without any restrictions.

For example, if you receive $10 worth of stock and sell it, you won’t be able to withdraw the $10 as cash until 30 days have passed.

Am I Eligible for the Robinhood Referral Bonus?

 am i eligible for robinhood referral bonus
Get Unlimited $200 Robinhood Referral Bonus in Free Stock (2024) 10

The Fractional Stock Reward Offer is only available to two groups:

  • New customers who have never had a Robinhood account before. They need to apply for and be approved for a Robinhood account, link their bank or debit card, and be in good standing with Robinhood.
  • Existing Robinhood customers who refer new customers meeting the above criteria. The existing customer becomes eligible when they share their referral code with a personal friend who is a new customer. You can share your code through the Robinhood app and send it as a text message to your friends.

If someone doesn’t meet these conditions, they aren’t eligible for this offer. Robinhood may reject requests to participate in the offer at its discretion and without notice.

Referral Bonus Value and Limit

robinhood referral bonus value and limit
Get Unlimited $200 Robinhood Referral Bonus in Free Stock (2024) 11

Robinhood Referral bonus cash value can be between $5 and $200, but most customers will likely get $5 worth of stock. You can use this reward to claim a fraction of a stock.

Keep in mind that your friends need to sign up, get approved, and link their bank or card to get the reward. You can get up to $1,500 in stocks per year through this program, and the stock’s price will be shown in Statements & History. Once you reach the $1,500 limit, you won’t get any more gift stocks.

However, your friends will still get a stock if they sign up using your link and meet the promotion’s conditions.

All About Robinhood

all about robinhood
Get Unlimited $200 Robinhood Referral Bonus in Free Stock (2024) 12

Robinhood, founded in 2013 and based in the US, is an online stock trading platform. It lets you buy and sell stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies without charging any fees. Instead, it earns money through partnerships with companies.

Their system finds the best deals for users when they trade stocks or cryptocurrencies. Robinhood has three types of accounts: Standard, Gold, and Cash. There are no special accounts for Muslim traders or free trial accounts. Your deposits are protected up to $500,000 for investments and $250,000 for cash. This is regulated by SIPC and overseen by the SEC. Margin trading, which is only available in the Gold account, requires a minimum balance of $2000 and has a low ratio. Overall, Robinhood is considered a safe platform with reasonable prices, clear features, and good customer support.

Make Money With Robinhood

make money with robinhood
Get Unlimited $200 Robinhood Referral Bonus in Free Stock (2024) 13
  • Maximize Your Earnings: With a Robinhood Gold subscription, get up to a 3% boost on every dollar you contribute to your IRA.
  • Optimize Your Cash: Robinhood Gold offers the highest rate ever on uninvested cash, with FDIC insurance up to $2.25M at partner banks.
  • Trade Anytime, Anywhere: Enjoy trading your favorite stocks and ETFs 24/5 with Robinhood’s convenient availability.
  • Boost Your Income: Activate Stock Lending to earn extra income on the stocks you already own.
  • Manage Your Crypto Securely: Utilize Robinhood Wallet for secure management of your cryptocurrencies.
  • Choose Your Bonus Stock: Sign up for Robinhood or refer a friend to select your free stock and potentially earn a sign-up bonus.
  • Start Investing Easily: Begin your investment journey with as little as $1, commission-free, in stocks, options, and ETFs.
  • Enter Crypto Markets Confidently: Start crypto trading without commission fees, beginning with just $1, and access to popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, ETH, and SHIB.

Alternatives to Robinhood

Here’s the information about the alternatives to Robinhood, including their features of instant sign-up bouns along with referral bonuses.

  • Moomoo: Trade stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies for free. Get advanced tools and real-time data. Sign up for free stocks and earn more through referrals.
  • Tastytrade: Specializes in options trading. Offers commission-free stocks and ETFs. Access educational resources. Earn bonuses when you sign up and refer friends. Also, read alternatives to tastytarde.
  • Charles Schwab: Full-service brokerage with a wide range of investment options. Get research tools and retirement accounts and know more about them in the Charles Schwab review. Enjoy sign-up bonuses and referral rewards.
  • Webull: Trade stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies without commissions. Use advanced charting tools. Get free stocks when you sign up and refer friends.
  • Ally Bank: Invest in stocks, ETFs, options, and mutual funds for free. Access retirement accounts and banking services. Earn bonuses when you sign up with no deposit required.

Is Robinhood Legit and Safe

Robinhood is a handy platform where you can trade stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies without any fees. It’s safe to use, with good insurance protection and legal registration in the U.S. They also take your online security seriously by regularly testing their systems to keep your account and information safe from hackers.


The Robinhood referral bonus program offers a fantastic opportunity for users to earn rewards by inviting friends to join the platform. With the chance to receive free stocks and potentially lucrative sign-up bonuses, it’s a win-win for both referrers and new users alike. Through this program, Robinhood not only encourages growth but also fosters a sense of community among its users.


How do I refer a friend on Robinhood?

To refer a friend on Robinhood, simply navigate to the “Free Stocks” section in the app or website. You’ll find your unique referral link there. Share this link with your friend, and when they sign up using your link, both of you can earn free stocks.

What are the requirements to receive the Robinhood referral bonus?

To qualify for the Robinhood referral bonus, your friend must sign up for a new account using your referral link, get approved for a Robinhood brokerage account, and link their bank or debit card. Once they fulfill these requirements, both you and your friend can receive the referral bonus.

Are there any limitations on the Robinhood referral bonus?

While there are no specific limitations on the Robinhood referral bonus itself, it’s important to note that the bonus may vary in value, typically ranging from $5 to $200 worth of free stocks. Additionally, there may be restrictions on when and how you can use the bonus, such as a minimum holding period or limitations on selling the free stocks received as a bonus.

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