Get $20 Sable Sign-Up Bonus & $20 Referral Bonus ( Unlimited )

The Sable credit and banking platform are designed for everyone in the U.S., regardless of citizenship. In addition, you can get a $20 sign-up bonus when you sign up and spend $250 on your Sable card, and you can earn up to $10,000 in referral rewards for referring friends and family members.

There are two distinct products offered by Sable, including a U.S. bank account with a debit card and a secured credit card designed for U.S. citizens and non-citizens living in the U.S. at this time.

Sable does not charge monthly fees and does not require a minimum deposit to open a bank account.

Sable offers a $20 cash bonus if you spend $250 on your card within the first 60 days of opening your account (the debit card or secured card).

For each friend you refer who joins Sable and spends $250 in the first 60 days, you both receive a $20 bonus.

Sable offers both U.S. citizens and non-citizens living in the U.S.A. a U.S. bank account with a debit card or a secured credit card at no monthly maintenance fee and no deposit requirement.


As a Sable customer, you’ll earn unlimited 1% cashback on your favorite brands. You’ll get a virtual card in your wallet in 5 minutes, so you can start making purchases right away. Additionally, you can transfer money to 55+ countries at a low rate.

A secured credit card from Sable allows you to build your U.S. credit history quickly with enhanced reporting to major credit bureaus, earn unlimited 2% cashback on your favorite brands and 1% everywhere else, and get a 2X first-year cash back match. In addition, you can apply without impacting your credit score or credit history.

It usually takes less than 5 minutes for U.S. citizens to be approved for a Sable account online and in the Sable app.

As a non-citizen without an SSN, you will need your passport, your U.S. address, a Visa or Non-Tourist I94 entry of your U.S. visit, and if you are using an I94 instead of a Visa for your documentation, it could take up to three business days to open an account.

In addition to the secured credit card, Sable will soon be launching savings accounts and credit cards (that will not require a deposit) in the coming months. Stay tuned for Sable’s upcoming products.

Sign-Up Bonus of $20 with Sable Card

Sable accounts can either be opened with a bank account and a debit card or with a secured credit card. You will receive a $20 bonus after spending $250 on your Sable card within the first 60 days of account opening.

Start earning the $20 bonus by applying through this Sable $20 Promotional Link.

To complete your registration, you must download the Sable App (iOS/Android) and log in using the same credentials you used to register via the $20 promotional link.

A new Sable card must be used for purchases of $250 within the first 60 days after your new Sable account is approved, either by debit card or secured credit card.

You will receive a $20 bonus credit in your Sable account after meeting the spending requirement within 60 days.

You will receive the $20 bonus if you carry only the debit card, but if you carry both the debit card and the secured credit card, you will receive the $20 bonus when you redeem it in the Sable App.

Purchases are eligible for the $250 minimum requirement minus any returns, refunds, or credits, but non-card transactions such as A.C.H. transfers, wire transfers, peer-to-peer transfers through services like PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, and A.T.M. withdrawals are not eligible.

$20 Referral bonus-A-Friend Rewards Program at Sable

As soon as you create your Sable account, you can participate in the Sable Referral Program to share $20 bonus rewards with your friends.

If they spend $250 on their new Sable card within 60 days of account opening using your unique referral link, both of you will receive a $20 bonus credit.

New members can qualify for the Sable referral promotion by spending $250 on either the debit card or the secured credit card.

Customers who use debit cards will have the $20 referral rewards credited to their bank accounts, while customers who use secured credit cards will have the rewards credited to their secured credit card balances.

Referral credits will post to your Sable account within 60 calendar days of completing the qualifying spend event.

Referring friends to join Sable will earn you a maximum referral bonus of $10,000, equivalent to 500 referrals.

Get a U.S. bank account with a debit card or secured credit card when you join Sable., regardless of your citizenship status, plus get a $20 sign-up bonus when you join Sable and earn a $20 referral reward for sharing Sable with your friends and family.

Here are six features of Sable Bank’s checking account

The attractive features of Sable Bank may entice you to apply for an account and debit card.

  • There are a few fees. We don’t charge monthly, overdraft, or foreign transaction fees at Sable Bank. There is also no minimum opening deposit at Sable Bank.
  • Earn cash back rewards. Get 1% cashback – up to $300 per year – on Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Uber, and Whole Foods purchases.
  • Protect your purchase. We offer extended warranties, a satisfaction guarantee, and no liability for fraudulent purchases at Sable Bank.
  • We provide travel concierge services. We offer Mastercard Travel Concierge services, which can provide you with replacement cards, cash advances, and travel assistance when you need it.
  • Discounts on international transfers. Sable Bank offers reduced-price international money transfers thanks to its partnership with Wise, a financial platform specializing in multicurrency accounts.
  • A credit card is an option. It offers car rental insurance, cell phone protection, and a cashback of up to 2%. A credit check is not necessary for this card. You can also get a secured credit card from Sable Bank in addition to your debit card.


The new service has received only a few customer reviews, but the company has earned 3.7/5 stars on Trustpilot. CashApp is compatible with Sable Money, which has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.) but is not BBB-accredited. Choose a bank using your debit card in the linked bank accounts tab of the cash app.


Sable is a U.S. bank, right?

Sable is the only U.S.-based digital banking platform that offers global customers U.S. bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards.

Does Sable report to all three credit bureaus?

You will receive credit reports from all three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax with the Secured Sable O.N.E. Credit Card. Every month, Sable will send reports to these bureaus.

What is the best way to add money to my Sable card?

Navigate to your Sable O.N.E. secured credit card and click ‘Increase credit limit’ to add secured funds in the Sable app. Sable will automatically transfer funds from your bank account to a reserve account as a security deposit for your credit limit.

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