HappyNest App – Real Estate Micro-Investing: $25 Sign-Up Bonus + $10 Referral Bonus

You can earn a $25 HappyNest bonus by opening an account, making a deposit over $10, and making your first investment. The offer can be accessed by opening a Free Upromise Account, which is a cashback network similar to Rakuten, and then finding this HappyNest promotion in the “Offers” section. Upromise is offering a $25 cashback bonus to everyone who opens a new HappyNest account, The $10 bonus below can still be earned without joining Upromise, but you will receive an additional $5.29 bonus for verifying your email address with Upromise. deposits more than $10, and makes their first investment. You will receive $25 cashback in your Upromise account, which you can then transfer directly to your checking or savings account. Anyone can join Upromise (you don’t have to be a student), so this is a great chance to earn $25 for joining HappyNest. If you prefer not to join Upromise, you can still earn the $10 bonus below, but you will earn an extra $5.29 bonus for verifying your email address with Upromise as well.

Happiness is an app that simplifies investing in commercial real estate properties with a $10 minimum investment and no fees for all users.

HappyNest’s new “Give $10, Get $10” referral program: When you refer friends who invest a minimum of $10, you will each earn $10 for up to $150 per person.

Using happiness, you can buy commercial real estate leased to strong tenants and earn income on a regular basis.

All accounts are free of platform fees, broker commissions, and monthly user fees.

HappyNest’s fully-automated platform is open to all U.S. citizens over 18 with just $10, a smartphone, and a bank account.

Invest in commercial real estate properties with the HappyNest real estate micro-investing app to avoid the high fees and avoid the middlemen.

HappyNest $10 Sign-Up Bonus

When you download the app via this HappyNest $10 Referral Bonus Link, you’ll receive a $10 bonus when you invest at least $10.

On a deposit of $10, you will receive a bonus deposit of $10 HappyNest Bucks, which will be automatically deposited into your portfolio.

New happiness account holders who do not have a HappyNest account or have not had one within the last three months are eligible for this offer.

To qualify, you must reside in the United States or one of its territories, except for Arizona, North Dakota, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Furthermore, your minimum $10 investment must be made on or before December 30, 2021, which is when this offer expires.

The HappyNest Real Estate Investing Platform

  • Investing in happiness is intended to be long-term, but the REIT will look for opportunities to create liquidity for HappyNest investors. Commercial real estate investing is accessible to all skill levels with HappyNest.
  • In major real estate markets, you will receive dividend income generated from the rent paid by well-known business tenants.
  • Each account holder pays $0 per month for HappyNest.
  • HappyNest requires only a $10 minimum investment to get started.
  • After three years, you can redeem your entire initial investment and interest earned.
  • Happiness allows you to close your account at any time and withdraw your funds (restrictions may apply).

happiness $10 Referral Rewards

  • If you refer a friend to happiness, you’ll each earn $10.
  • You both earn $10 HappyNest Bucks when your friends join HappyNest through your referral link and invest a minimum of $10.
  • Visit the “Menu” section of the HappyNest app or scroll to the bottom of the main page to refer your friends.
  • The HappyNest Bucks are automatically added to your portfolio and can be redeemed just like any other investment deposit.
  • Sign up for HappyNest to invest in commercial real estate at a low entry point for investors of any skill level.
  • Try Kiavi or RealyInvest for more investment opportunities if you are interested in real estate investing.

happiness Features

Account Types = Taxable

Minimum Investment= $10

Management Fees = There are no direct fees, but indirect fees could be as high as 3% of the fund’s proceeds.

Target Annualized Dividend Yield= 5%

Investor Requirements = None

Investment Options = One REIT is focused on commercial real estate.

Fund Transparency= High — fund financials are filed publicly with the SEC.

Investment Term= Approximately three years

Share Redemption Program= Twice a year, in March and September

Secondary Market= None

Customer Service Options = Chat and email

Customer Service Email Address= info@myhappynest.com

Mobile App Availability= iOS and Android

Web/Desktop Account Access= No

Promotions= None


happiness is a mobile app that allows anyone to invest in its commercial real estate REIT for just $10 per share.


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