Temu Referral Code
Temu Referral Code

If you are an online shopper, you must have seen ads for Temu. TEMU is a marketplace with incredible discounts on various products, including clothing and home goods. If you sign up using Temu referral code afb47157, you will get an extra 50% discount on your first order and a $200 coupon bundle for future orders. 

The Temu referral code is a unique code you will get once you download Temu and sign up for the Temu Affiliate program. Once you get your Temu referral code, you can invite friends to join the platform, and you will earn $5 per referral and up to 20% commission on their first order.

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Temu Referral Code: Get $200 off + $50 Referral Unlimited (2023) 5

Temu referral codes: $100 Free User Code (2023)

 As a shopper, you can take advantage of below Temu referral codes below and save big on your purchases.

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Temu Referral Code: Get $200 off + $50 Referral Unlimited (2023) 6
  • Temu referral code – afb47157
  • Temu referral code 2023 – FAV43550
  • Temu referral code new users – OPT35230
  • $100 Temu referral code – OPT35230
  • Temu Coupon code 2023 – fav43550
  • Temu new user code 2023 – fav43550
  • Temu sign up bonus code – fav43550
  • Kubonus Temu promo code – fav43550
  • Temu $100 referral code – opt35230
  • New Temu referral code – opt35230
  • Temu $50 sign up bonus code – fav35230
  • Temu referral code Australia – opt35230
  • Temu referral code Septmeber 2023 – opt35230
  • Temu referral code uk – opt16431

How to apply the Temu Referral code (All Steps)

Currently, Temu is giving a $5 bonus per referral once your friend joins Temu and downloads the apps. He must be a new user and has never downloaded Temu before. This is the best opportunity to earn Temu free money. To get a Temu referral code, you need to Join the Temu Affiliate program, which is free. Follow the below process to apply the Temu referral code during Temu sign-up Bonus

Temu referral code where to enter 1
Temu Referral Code: Get $200 off + $50 Referral Unlimited (2023) 7
  1. Join Temu using referral code afb47157 or click this Temu official referral link.
  2. Tap on the Me icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on Refer and Earn.
  4. Your unique referral code will be displayed.

How to earn money through Temu Referral codes:

Follow the below steps to earn up to $100k per month by promoting your Temu referral codes:

  1. Login to Temu and search “Affiliate” in the browser. Or go to the footer and click on the Temu Affiliate and influencer link. 
  2. You will be routed to the Temu Affiliate page. You copy your Temu referral link and code. 
  3.  Now, put your Temu coupon code on multiple coupon sites so people can join Temu using your referral code.
  4. Start referring to your Temu Affiliate link to Facebook groupsWhatsApp, and other social media to boost your Temu earnings.
  5. When someone joins Temu with your referral link, you will get your Temu referral bonus.

How to Maximize Temu Referral Bonus

If you need to maximize Temu referrals, you must first set up your referral program. This involves creating an account on the Temu platform, configuring program settings to align with your goals, and setting rewards and incentives that motivate your customers to refer others. Follow are some ways to maximize Temu referrals and boost your earnings.

If you have a lot of friends, then you should check out the apps that pay a $100 referral bonus to invite people.

How to Promote Temu Products and Make Money 

You can also refer to Temu products and earn extra money on top of Temu referral money. All you need to do is click the link and join the Temu Affiliate program.  

Crafting an Attractive Referral Offer

One of the critical aspects of a successful referral program is the offer itself. You must choose incentives that resonate with your audience and make them eager to participate in your program. This section will guide you on how to craft a compelling referral offer.

Promoting Your Referral Program

Having a fantastic referral program won’t yield results if you don’t promote it effectively. We’ll explore various promotion strategies, including leveraging social media, email marketing campaigns, and integrating referral prompts within your app or website.


If you wish to join, use this latest Temu referral code “fav43550” to sign up and get a $100 sign up bonus from Temu. To earn this reward you need to make a single purchase of above $100.

Temu aims to provide its customers with a seamless and convenient experience. Temu has recently launched a new model in the market to enhance the shopping experience for their customers. With this model, shoppers can now enjoy luxury goods at a more affordable price.


Where to put Temu referral code?

  • Download the Temu app on your mobile.
  • Open the app and enter your details.
  • Click on Referral Code and enter the code (fav43550).
  • After enter the code tap to apply.

How much is Temu sign up bonus?

Temu is currently offering a $100 coupon bundle for new users. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Temu website and click on “Sign up”
  • When prompted to enter a referral code, input “opt35230”
  • Complete the account creation process.

After you’ve successfully created your account using the referral code, a $100 coupon bundle will be added to your account! You can use your Temu coupon while making purchases with Temu for extra bonuses and rewards.

How to use Temu Referral code?

  1. Visit Temu
  2. Click on “Have a Referral Code”
  3. Enter the referral code that you have received
  4. Sign up to receive a Temu bonus on your first purchase

How to get free money on Temu?

  1. Open a new Temu account
  2. Get a $100 free Temu bonus on your first order
  3. Earn additional $20 by inviting your friends to join Temu

What is the best Temu referral code?

Use the Temu referral code – opt35230 when you sign up for a new Temu account to get a $100 OFF bonus on your first order, along with a $10 sign up bonus.

What is the Temu $50 Sign Up Bonus code?

Use the Temu $50 sign up code – opt35230 to receive free shipping and a $50 bonus on your first purchase.

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