Why is Temu So Popular?

Temu App is an online marketplace operated in many countries by the international e-commerce company PDD Holding Inc., headquartered in China. Temu app gives us huge discounts on online shopping compared to other apps, which mostly sell directly from China to consumers in other countries. To gain global popularity

7 Best Reasons Why Temu is Popular/ Get Free Stuff on Temu

People are getting addicted to Temu for many reasons, but these 11 make Why is Temu So Popular grow daily.

#1.Great prices

Temu App is a great place to get great prices. The Temu App gives us the best and cheapest prices from other airports. It does this not only because of its size but also because of its efficiency.

Why is Temu So Popular? 6

#2 Download a Temu App free

Follow these easy steps to download the Temu app for free and . 

  1. Go to your device’s app store, whether the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Once there, search Temu in the search bar once you have found the Temu app. 
  3. Once found, click on the Install.
  4. After, log login using your credential 
  5. Now add the item to the Temu cart
  6. and enjoy shopping

Public Review On Temu

The Public’s reviews towards the Temu App are very good. Let’s look at some reviews.

Review by Arun:

Some great items for my family at cheap prices. Had to turn off the Temu notifications because they get annoying. Don’t buy into their little discounts; type the item you’re after in the description and filter it from low to highest price for better price results than “70%, 80% or even 90% off”. It’s just there to engage you into looking and shopping on the app when you don’t want to.

Montie Gunter Says

Temu App is great. Love to get up to 90% discount on Temu single items frequently. 

Ottmar Says: 

Many people were sceptical like I was. I am very pleased with this app and site! It doesn’t ship as fast as one major one but is much faster than the others, and the products/items have been of fantastic quality and exactly as described! The only complaint, should be able to pick items of your choice to receive “deals,” not some random things you probably don’t want or need. Otherwise extremely satisfied and have made 3 purchases already! No Regrets like other “sites.” You know the one!

Akisha Rodriguez

Very good prices and great products so far! I only had one issue with a delivery, and customer service was quick to respond and fix it. I have one suggestion: both issues with deliveries, one mine and one for my mother-in-law, whom I live with, have been connected to the same delivery service, OnTrac. I’d much rather receive my things from USPS; much more reliable, and I haven’t had issues with them!

Shipping free

Like Amazon Prime members  Temu app will give you free shipping, and you don’t need to pay extra shipping. At the same time, Amazon non-Prime members must pay for shipping until they order more than $35.

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Why is Temu So Popular? 7

Temu is great because you won’t have to pay extra for the shipping. Apart from this, Temu also offers free returns on the products sold through its website, and if you do not like your new laptop or phone, if there is any problem, you can send it back without any charges within 30 days of purchase.

#3. What’s available in the Temu app

In the Temu app, we get similar things like clothes, shoes, paint, electronic items, TVs, fans, clothes for children, etc.; these goods are cheaper from the market or any other app on the Temu app. Let’s see how much the item costs on Amazon and how much it costs on Temu. Let’s compare.

Whats available in the Temu app
Why is Temu So Popular? 8

Look, there is a Lenovo Think Plus LP400 earphone. $10.26 is worth on the earphone app and free shipping and all orders, and if this order is late, then 5 $ will be deposited in your account. Let’s see that now this is How much is it in Amazon?

Look, this same ear butt is available on Amazon for $30 and along with this, it is giving us delivery without any offer, so now you must have understood from whom we should buy this product.

#4.Temu Customer Care Service

In any country, you can reach TEMU customer service. It is easy to reach someone quickly if you have an issue with your order or account information since the demo customer service number is toll-free and available 24/7.

Temu Customer Care Service
Why is Temu So Popular? 9

$5.Global Expansion

Temu expanded its operations internationally, allowing its products and services to reach customers worldwide. Temu is growing in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Europe markets.


The Temu app owes its popularity to its wide product selection facility, fast shipping, and free delivery competition customers. The company’s widespread success and reputation as a leading online retailer result from its customer-centric approach to innovation and global reach.


Is Temu available on all platforms?

Yes, Temu is available for download on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

Why is temu website so cheap?

Temu’s products are shipped directly from manufacturers in China and other countries to the buyer’s door. Other platforms, such as Shein, AliExpress, and Wish, also take this approach. The Temu website is able to offer cheap prices due to several operational strategies:

  • Direct Factory-to-Consumer Model:
  • Lower Manufacturing and Labour Costs:
  • Pinduoduo Factory Network
  • Potentially Lower Design Costs:

How can temu sell so cheap

YES, Temu is capable of selling products at lower prices due to multiple different strategies:

  • different strategies:
  • Trade rules loophole:
  • Source of products:
  • Next-Gen Manufacturing (NGM) Model:
  • PDD’s Network Access:

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