Xe Sign up bonus
Xe Sign up bonus $25 Sign up & $25 Referral

Would you like to send money online to your family and friends? Join XE Money Transfer. XE is an advanced international money transfer service that lets you digitally send money between bank accounts. And you can use it to send and receive money through your family and friends. If you sign up for Xe, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

XE Sign Up Bonus offers you a $25 Amazon gift card when you sign up via Xe referral code and transfer a minimum $2000. Additionally, you can earn $25 XE money transfer referral bonus for each friend you invite.

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How does the Xe Sign Up Bonus work?

The Xe sign up bonus is a great way to earn cash back when you sign up for the service. Follow below steps To make XE sign up bonus of a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Xe Sign up bonus
Get $25 Xe Sign Up Bonus & $25 Referral Bonus 2023 5

To claim your $25 sign up bonus, simply follow these steps:

  1.  join via this XE Money Transfer $25 Referral Link, register for a free account.
  2. Transfer over $2,000 USD (or currency equivalent).
  3. Once you complete your first transfer, you will receive an email from XE Money Transfer with a link to claim your gift card.
  4. Now Claim Amazon gift card in your Amazon account. You can also gift Amazon gift card to your friends and family if you are not using,

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More about XE Money Transfer App

It is one of the top rated global money transfer services, with exceptional features and digital tools to make sending and receiving money easy. sending money is now easy with XE. The XE Currency app now allows you to transfer money internationally. There are no fees, and it’s easy and secure. Register for a free account now. A third party bank may apply a charge to the recipient’s history when the funds are transferred to XE Money Transfer. XE Money Transfer referral program is available in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, and a $25 Amazon voucher is awarded to both the referrer and referee in the U.S.A., UK, and Canada. In contrast, a $25 Virtual Mastercard is awarded in Australia.

XE $25 Referral Bonus

XE Referral Program will offer you a $25 XE Referral Bonus for the Successful friend you invite through your XE Referral Code. And they make their first qualified payment of $50, and then you will get a $25 Amazon gift card within 10 Days.

How To claim a $25 Referral Bonus?

Xe Sign up bonus
Get $25 Xe Sign Up Bonus & $25 Referral Bonus 2023 6
  1. Login to your Xe Account.
  2. Now go to “Refer and Earn” and copy your unique Xe Referral code.
  3. Share it with your family and friends.
  4. Once someone signs up using your unique Xe referral code and makes their first transfer, then you will get your $25 Xe Referral Bonus.

XE Money Transfer referral code

Every user has a unique XE referral code. To join XE, all you have to do is use a referral code. Instead of a referral code, you can also use a referral link. We don’t have any referral codes for XE, so if you have any, please let us know. 


Xe Sign up bonus
Get $25 Xe Sign Up Bonus & $25 Referral Bonus 2023 7


  • We don’t charge any fees.
  • There is no limit on how much money you can send each month with XE.
  • It’s easy to register and get started.
  • The ability to transfer money in over 100 different currencies attracts individuals who regularly make payments across international borders.
  • The app is easy to use, making it simple and quick to transfer money..


  • Only a few countries—the US, the UK and Europe—can process card payments.
  • You can send your money to the bank, but you cannot get cash.

XE Money Transfer Features

XE-perience currencies on the go

XE Money Transfer is an online platform that allows users to transfer money internationally. Some of its key features include:

  • Competitive exchange rates: XE Money Transfer claims to offer some of the most competitive exchange rates in the market.
  • Fast and secure transfers: The platform is designed to make international money transfers quick and easy, and it uses advanced security measures to protect users’ financial information.
  • Multiple payment options: Users can initiate transfers using their bank account, debit or credit card.
  • Free online quote and no hidden charges: They offer a free online quote and no hidden charges, so users can see the exact amount that will be received by the recipient and what the cost will be.
  • Support for over 130 currencies: Users can transfer money to over 130 countries in a variety of currencies.
  • Available in multiple languages: The platform is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Mobile app: XE Money Transfer also has a mobile app that allows users to international transfers and track the status of their transactions on the go.
  • 24/7 customer support: They offer 24/7 customer support to assist customers with any issues or questions they may have.


With Xe Money Transfer, you can send money without any hidden fees and get a $25 sign-up bonus when you join through a unique promotional link.


How To XE Money Transfer Fees:

1.Send money to over 130 countries in nearly 100 currencies.
2.No hidden fees.
3.Pay a low flat fee of 2%
3.Monitor up to 10 currencies of your choice
4.An extensive library of historical charts for all currency pairs
5.Customize your currency list to suit the currencies you trade most.
6.Set rate alerts and receive notifications
7.Track your money transfer

Is It Safe to Send Money With XE Money Transfer?

yes. XE Money Transfer has been in operation for a long time and is registered in several different countries. In Canada it is regulated by FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada). In Australia, XE Money Transfer is regulated by the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). In the U.S., FinCEN or the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network governs the industry. In the United Kingdom, it is regulated by the FAC (Financial Conduct Authority).

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