image showing: chase fReedom unlimited sign up bonus of 10x cashback
image showing; Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus of 10X CashBack After 12 Months
Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus: Get 10X CashBack After 12 Months 6

Have you heard of the Chase Freedom unlimited signup bonus? No worries, we will tell you all in detail. Recently, Chase announced for its new members a bombastic offer which was not and was never heard by anyone. 

Yes! You are thinking right; Chase Freedom Unlimited is giving 10X on every purchase or booking after 12 months of account opening.

It means Whatever cash back you earn in the first 12 months, they’ll double it! This means lots of extra money compared to the usual bonus they used to give. Just click on the given link for sign up and cash back rewards.

Apart From the Chase Freedom Unlimited signup bonus, many other perks of Chase are unbeatable, like a 0% Annual Fee, a low range of APR, and low foreign and local transaction fees.

Additionally, the cashback that you earn may be used as gift cards, or you can spend it on shopping at Amazon or dining, or it may be utilized for bookings. 

After knowing all of these things, what are you waiting for? Go for the Chase Freedom unlimited signup bonus as a new member. 

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Let’s move on and find out more about Chase Freedom’s unlimited signup bonus.

Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus 10X CashBack After 12 Months

image showing Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus 10X CashBack After 12 Months
Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus: Get 10X CashBack After 12 Months 7

Talking about Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus, it’s like an unexpected windfall or a nest egg. The next thing that comes into your mind is how to get 10X after 12 months. Let’s break down the spending and rewards of Mr Smith in 2023.

  • Dining and drug store3X: Spending $350 a month at restaurants, which earns him 6% cash back (during this promo period).
  • Travel 5X: Spending $300 a month on travel booked through Chase, which earns him 10% cash back (during this promo period).
  • Other purchases 1.5X: Spending $1,200 a month on everything else, earning him 3% cash back (during this promo period).

Each month, based on these spending amounts and the respective cash-back percentages during the promo, he earned:

  • Dining: $350 * 6% = $21
  • Travel: $300 * 10% = $30
  • Other expenses: $1,200 * 3% = $36

Total monthly cash back: $21 + $30 + $36 = $87

Over 12 months, earning $87 in cash back each month would result in a total of $1,044 in cash back by the end of the year. Since Chase matched all these earnings in the first year, he got an additional $1,044, effectively doubling his cash back. Hence, the total bonus at the end of the year was $1,044 (his actual earnings) + $1,044 (Chase’s match) = $2,088.

How to Claim Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus 10X CashBack?

image showing: Ways to Claim Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus 10X CashBack.
Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus: Get 10X CashBack After 12 Months 8

Chase is a good player in its field. By announcing Chase’s freedom unlimited signup bonus, it makes another sixer in its field.

Additionally, it gives unmatched services, which makes it more distinct.

Without wasting further time, let’s get into the steps of how to become a Chase member and get the cash back you earn during your first 12 months (in the form of Chase Ultimate Rewards points). 

Depending on how much you spend, this could result in several hundred dollars in bonus rewards—or even thousands of dollars if you know the best ways to use the points.

Steps to Claim Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus 10X CashBack

  • Apply for the Card: Start by applying for the Chase Freedom Unlimited card during the promotional period, offering the 10X CashBack bonus.
  • Activate the Card: Once approved, activate your new Chase Freedom Unlimited card.
  • Spend in Eligible Categories: During the promotional period, use your card for purchases in the specified categories that offer the 10X CashBack.
  • Meet Spending Thresholds: Some promotions require meeting certain spending thresholds within a specific timeframe to qualify for the 10X CashBack.
  • Redeem Rewards: Once you’ve received the bonus CashBack, you can redeem it in the form of gift cards, travel bookings, or transfer points to travel partners.

Unlock the Reward Potential: Pair the Chase Freedom Unlimited with Other Chase Cards

image showing: Unlock the Reward Potential by Pairing the Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus with Other Chase Cards reward.
Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus: Get 10X CashBack After 12 Months 9

How exciting it is that you can pair your Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign up Bonus reward with other Chase Card rewards. 

You can redeem this reward as cash, gift cards, or use them for shopping on Amazon. Additionally, pair them with hotel loyalty programs and turn them into free flights or hotel stays if you’ve also got one of the following Ultimate Rewards–earning cards: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card.Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Do You Qualify for Chase Freedom Unlimited 10X CashBack?

The Chase Freedom Unlimited sign-up bonus offers incredible benefits, but there’s a catch. Want to know what?

Chase rewards this special bonus to the new members who are getting this card. If you already have a Chase Freedom Unlimited card, then we are sorry.

 But we will not leave you bare-handed! You can switch your current Chase Freedom Unlimited to another Chase card. Then, wait for some time and apply for Chase Freedom Unlimited again to get this new bonus.

Chase Freedom Unlimited Customer reviews

Chase receives positive feedback for its friendly interface, a wide range of credit card options, and competitive reward programs. 

However, some customers complain about its interest rates or specific card policies. Overall, Chase, with its Chase Freedom unlimited signup bonus, is distinct in its field.


Chase Freedom Unlimited stands out for its simplicity and generous cashback rewards.

With no annual fee and a straightforward earning structure, it’s an excellent choice for those seeking consistent rewards without the hassle of tracking categories or dealing with complex offers.

Plus, its flexibility in redeeming rewards adds to its appeal, making it a solid option for everyday spending.


Is there a limit to the cashback I can earn with Chase Freedom Unlimited?

There’s no limit to the amount of cashback you can earn with the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. You’ll earn rewards on every eligible purchase, allowing you to accumulate as much cashback as you spend.

Can I redeem my Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards for travel or other benefits besides cash?

Absolutely! While it’s a cashback card, Chase Ultimate Rewards® points earned with the Freedom Unlimited card can be redeemed for travel through the Chase Travel Portal or transferred to partner loyalty programs, offering options beyond cash.

Does Chase Freedom Unlimited have an annual fee?

No, the Chase Freedom Unlimited card does not have an annual fee. It allows you to earn cashback without any yearly charges, making it a cost-effective choice for those looking to maximize rewards without extra costs.

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