Venmo Credit Card Sign Up Bonus
Cardholders who spend $500 on purchases within the first three months of opening their account can earn a $200 bonus

If you’re looking for a new credit card that offers great rewards and plenty of benefits, the Venmo Credit Card may be the perfect choice for you. With its generous sign-up bonus and referral offer, you can earn big bucks simply by using your card for your everyday purchases.

When you spend $500 or more on a credit card within your first three months, you can earn $200 as a sign-up bonus. You can also earn an additional referral bonus if one of your friends signs up using your link, and they will grant both users 1% cashback on Venmo transactions made with that same card during their first year as customers.

venmo credit card sign up bonus
Venmo Credit Card Sign Up Bonus: $200 Bonus & $100 Referral Bonus 2023 7

You can earn $100 by referring a friend to Venmo credit cards. You can invite your friends to apply for a Venmo credit card by sharing your referral code “cSOjEXZCwtb“.

Sign-Up Bonus: Get $200 for Spending $500 in the First 90 Days

You can get started with the Venmo Credit Card by taking advantage of the sign-up bonus. Within the first 90 days of opening your account, you’ll receive a $200 cash back bonus if you spend $500. Your new card will give you a great head start on earning rewards.

venmo credit card sign up bonus
Venmo Credit Card Sign Up Bonus: $200 Bonus & $100 Referral Bonus 2023 8

Get an instant $10 sign up bonus if you don’t have a Venmo account yet by using the latest Venmo referral code. Venmo codes and bonuses are also available here

How to Claim a $100 Venmo credit card sign up bonus

how do i use venmo credit card. To get your $100 sign-up bonus, just follow these steps:

  • Click on the signup button on the official Venmo website.
  • Create a free account by filling out all the necessary information.
  • Spend at least $500 after signing up to qualify for the bonus.
  • A $200 Venmo credit sign up bonus will be credited to your Venmo account once you’ve met all the requirements
Venmo credit card $200 bonus
Venmo Credit Card Sign Up Bonus: $200 Bonus & $100 Referral Bonus 2023 9
  • venmo credit card sign up bonus: Spend $500 or more to earn $200 in Venmo credit card sign up bonus.
  • Venmo credit card referral bonus: Invite your friends to get $100 Venmo referral bonus by using your Venmo credit card referral code.
  • Venmo Credit Card cash back: Spend and earn cash back with a Venmo credit card and get up to 3% cash back on top categories, 2% on 2nd categories.

Referral Bonus: Earn $100 for Every Friend You Refer

In addition to the sign-up bonus, the Venmo Credit Card also offers a great referral bonus. If you refer a friend to the card and they are approved, both you and your friend will receive a $100 cash back bonus. This is a fantastic way to earn even more rewards simply by spreading the word about the Venmo Credit Card.

How to Claim a $100 Venmo credit card Referral bonus

  1. Go to the ‘Invite Friends’ button in your Venmo account and sign in.
  2. Please share the link with your family, friends, and everyone you know.
  3. You will be eligible for the referral offer as soon as any of them uses your link to sign up.
  4. As soon as they meet the conditions and spend the required amount, you’ll receive your reward.

Best Money transfer Sign Up Bonus apps:

How to Earn Venmo Cash Back?

Venmo Visa® Credit Card $50 Cash Back Bonus Offer,During each Statement Period, automatically earn Cash Rewards on each Eligible Purchase:

image 84
Venmo Credit Card Sign Up Bonus: $200 Bonus & $100 Referral Bonus 2023 10
  • You can earn 3% on your top spending categories
  • Your second top category can earn you 2% if you spend 2% there.
  • You can earn 1% on all other eligible purchases as follows:

Venmo credit card fee

Venmo is a mobile payment app that’s owned by PayPal. It allows you to send money to other users who have Venmo apps or accounts, and your payments are sent instantly. When using a debit or credit card to make purchases through Venmo, there is a fee. This makes sense: credit card companies charge merchants fees for processing payments, so it only makes sense that Venmo would charge you for making a purchase with your credit card.

  • Annual Fee: NONE

Here is the step by step guide to earn Venmo cash back bonus:

Venmo Credit Card Features

image 86
Venmo Credit Card Sign Up Bonus: $200 Bonus & $100 Referral Bonus 2023 11
  • The Venmo app gives you a complete picture of your finances: track all card activity, right alongside purchases made with crypto and payments through the Venmo service.
  • Venmo makes it easy to share the cost of a purchase with your friends. Just like making purchases by card, you can pay for your friend’s portion and then they Venmo-pay you back!
  • Shop online with your virtual Visa card. It works anywhere Visa cards are accepted – even before you receive your physical card. If you suspect that someone else has used or duplicated your physical card, contact us right away and we’ll provide a replacement without affecting any of its existing spending limits
  • The Visa® Zero Liability Policy? protects you from unauthorized charges. You can disable your card in the app if it is lost or stolen, then enable it again when it is found!


The Venmo Credit Card is a great way to pay online and earn cash back while you shop. What makes it more rewarding and easier is the Venmo Credit Card sign up bonus. We have seen offers for $150 cash back or 6% earning on $10K in the past. This new offer gets you $200 after you spend $1,000 in the first 6 months. If that spend is done on groceries, then you have another $30 in cash back as long as that is your top spend category.

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