E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral

E*Trade, a reliable and trusted online trading platform, is offering an E*Trade sign up bonus with commission-free trades on stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options.

E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral
Get $1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral (2024) 11

Simply use our promo code BONUS24 when creating your new account. And the best part? You’ll receive a $1,000 E*Trade sign up bonus when you fund your account within 60 calendar days of opening it. This limited-time offer is only valid until 3/31/24, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your investment portfolio.

The ETrade sign up bonus is just the beginning. At ETrade, you will get a reward of a $50 Amazon Gift Card (up to $500) for every eligible new referral using the promo code BONUS24.

Plus, friends may get up to $700 or more when they open and fund a new account. So not only will you benefit from the E*Trade sign up bonus, but your friends and family can also enjoy the rewards.

E*Trade is more than just a trading platform. With its advanced tools and resources, you’ll have access to in-depth market analysis, real-time data, and personalized investment advice. And with 24/7 customer support, help is always just a phone call or email away.

The article goes in-depth into the E*Trade sign up bonus referral, highlights the benefits of using promo code BONUS24, and provides an in-depth look at brokerage accounts.

So let’s get into the article.

$1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus For New Member

E*TRADE, for a limited time, is offering an attractive E*Trade sign up bonus of up to $1,000 for new customers opening and funding a brokerage account using the promo code BONUS24.

You can receive a cash deposit ranging from $100 to $1,000, depending on the deposited amount. The more you fund, the more you earn, making it a great opportunity to begin your investment journey before 3/31/24.

By using our promo code BONUS24 during sign-up, you can earn the following profitable cash credits:

Deposit AmountCash Credit
This deal is an excellent opportunity for new customers who need to fund their accounts.
(Offer expires 3/31/24)

How to Get 1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus

How to Get 1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus
Get $1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral (2024) 12

It takes only 10 minutes to open an E*Trade account simply follow the following steps.

  • Open Account: Start by opening a new account with E*TRADE.
  • Enter Promo Code: During the account setup process, you’ll come across a field to enter a promo code. Input the code “BONUS24” here.
  • Complete Setup: Finish setting up your account by providing the necessary information and agreeing to terms.
  • Fund Account: Within 60 days of opening your account, deposit the required amount to qualify for the bonus.
  • Receive Credit: Once your account is funded, you’ll receive the applicable cash credit based on your deposited amount and the terms of the promotion.

Utilizing E*Trade Sign Up Bonus

Here are the steps to use your bonus funds:

  • Access Account: Log in to your E*TRADE account.
  • Navigate to Trading Platform: Go to the trading platform or dashboard.
  • Check Bonus Balance: Locate your bonus balance in your account overview.
  • Select Investment: Choose the investment option you want to utilize your bonus on, such as stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds.
  • Place Trade: Initiate the trade by selecting the desired investment and quantity.
  • Confirm Transaction: Review your trade details and confirm the transaction.
  • Monitor Investments: Keep track of your investments and monitor their performance regularly.
  • Manage Funds: You can also use your bonus funds to diversify your portfolio or invest in different assets based on your investment strategy.
  • Withdraw Funds (Optional): If needed, you can withdraw your bonus funds according to E*TRADE’s withdrawal policies and guidelines.

E*Trade Sign Up Bonus For Existing Member

E*Trade Sign Up Bonus For Existing Member
Get $1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral (2024) 13

For existing customers to qualify for rewards, they need to deposit at least $500,000 into both new and existing E*TRADE accounts.

If they deposit this amount into their existing account, they’ll get a $400 bonus.

On top of that, they can earn additional bonuses for deposits into a new account using promo code BONUS24.

If they put $30,000 into a new account and nothing into their existing one, they won’t receive a bonus because they haven’t met the $500,000 minimum deposit requirement.

Like the new member existing members can also get the following profitable  E*Trade sign up bonus by using our promo code BONUS24.

Account DepositCash Credit
$1,000 – $24,999$100
$25,000 – $49,999$150
$50,000 – $99,999$200
$100,000 – $199,999$300
Over $200,000$600
To qualify for these rewards, customers need to deposit at least $500,000 in total to their new and existing ETRADE accounts. Additionally, ETRADE will pay a $400 bonus to customers who deposit $500,000 in their existing account, in addition to the rewards listed in the table above.

How Existing Members Claim The E*Trade Sign Up Bonus

Here are the steps for existing members to get the bonus:

  • Check Eligibility: Ensure you qualify by having at least $500,000 deposited in total across your existing and new E*TRADE accounts.
  • Deposit Funds: Deposit the required amount into your existing account to qualify for the $400 bonus.
  • Open a New Account (If Needed): If you don’t already have a new account, open one and deposit funds into it according to the bonus tiers.
  • Meet Deposit Requirements: Ensure your total deposits across both accounts meet the minimum requirements outlined for each bonus tier.
  • Wait for Bonus: After meeting the requirements, wait for E*TRADE to credit the bonus amounts to your accounts.

Utilizing the Bonus

Here’s how to utilize the bonus in simple steps:

  • Log In: Access your E*TRADE account.
  • Check Bonus Balance: Look for your bonus balance in your account overview.
  • Explore Investments: Choose from stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds to invest in.
  • Place Trades: Initiate trades using your bonus funds.
  • Monitor Performance: Keep an eye on your investments’ performance regularly.
  • Diversify Portfolio: Consider spreading your investments across different assets for risk management.
  • Withdraw Funds (Optional): If needed, withdraw your bonus funds as per E*TRADE’s withdrawal guidelines.

E*Trade Referral Bonus

E*Trade Referral Bonus
Get $1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral (2024) 14

Refer friends to ETRADE using the referral link or promo code “BONUS24” to earn a $50 Amazon Gift Card for each eligible referral, up to $500.

When your friends sign up using the promo code, you’ll receive the bonus.

Additionally, your friends may receive up to $700 or more in rewards when they open and fund a new account.

It’s a win-win opportunity for both you and your friends to benefit from ETRADE’s referral program.

Steps to Referral Bonus

  • Refer Friends: Share your referral link or promo code “BONUS24” with friends.
  • Friends Sign Up: Your friends use the link or code to sign up for E*TRADE.
  • Bonus Activation: Once your friends sign up using the promo code, the bonus activation process begins.
  • Receive Bonus: You receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card for each eligible referral, up to $500 when your friends successfully sign up and meet the referral criteria.
  • Friends’ Rewards: Your referred friends may also receive rewards, potentially up to $700 E*Trade sign up bonus or more when they open and fund a new account.

Utilizing the Referral Bonus

  • Redeem your $50 Amazon Gift Card by following the provided instructions.
  • Use the gift card to make purchases on Amazon for items of your choice.
  • Enjoy the benefits of your bonus reward from E*TRADE’s referral program.

All About E*Trade

All About E*Trade
Get $1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral (2024) 15

E*TRADE, a company of Morgan Stanley, offers an electronic platform for trading various financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives.

The company generates revenue through several channels, including interest earned on margin balances, fees charged for executing orders, payments received for order flow, and providing management services to clients.

These services facilitate investors in buying and selling securities, managing their portfolios, and accessing financial markets efficiently.

E*Trade Pricing and Fee

E*Trade Pricing and Fee
Get $1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral (2024) 16
Investment TypeFeeRate
Options Contracts$0.65$0.50 with 30+ trades per quarter
Futures Contracts$1.50
Bonds (online)$1.00Minimum $10, Maximum $250 per bond
Mutual Funds$0
ETFs$0Check prospectus for details
Margin Interest RateVaries14.20%-12.20%
Account Maintenance$0
Please note that fees for mutual funds, ETFs, margin interest rates, and account maintenance may vary. It’s advisable to consult E*TRADE’s official documentation or website for the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on fees and rates.

Ways to Earn Money Through E*Trade

Ways to Earn Money Through E*Trade
Get $1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral (2024) 17

Here are the ways to earn money through trading with E*TRADE:

  • Sign Up Bonus: Take advantage of limited-time offers like the current promotion, where you can earn up to $1,000 by opening and funding a new brokerage account with a qualifying deposit.
  • Zero Commissions: Save money on transaction fees with $0 commissions for online US-listed stock, ETF, mutual fund, and options trades.
  • Competitive Pricing: Trade various assets at competitive rates, such as options contracts for as low as 50¢ and bonds for $1.00 per bond.
  • Dividend Income: Earn regular income from dividends paid by companies in which you own stocks.
  • Capital Gains: Profit from price appreciation when you sell an asset for more than you paid for it.
  • Interest on Margin Balances: If you borrow funds from your E*TRADE account to invest (margin trading), you may earn interest on the borrowed amount.
  • Options Trading: Generate income by selling options contracts and collecting premiums.
  • Interest on Cash Balances: Earn interest on uninvested cash sitting in your E*TRADE account.
  • Rental Income from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Invest in REITs and receive a share of the rental income from properties they own.
  • Interest on Bonds: Earn interest income from bonds you own when they mature or pay periodic interest payments.
  • Commodity Trading: Speculate on the price movements of commodities such as gold, oil, or agricultural products and earn profits from successful trades.
  • Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading: Trade currencies in the foreign exchange market and earn profits from fluctuations in exchange rates.

Alternatives To E*Trade

Alternatives to etrade
Get $1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral (2024) 18

Is E*Trade Legit & Safe

is E*Trade legit and safe
Get $1,000 E*Trade Sign Up Bonus & Limitless $50 Amazon Gift Card Per Referral (2024) 19

Yes, ETRADE is a legitimate and well-established brokerage firm.

It has been in operation for several decades and is regulated by financial authorities such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in the United States.

ETRADE is known for its reputable trading platform, wide range of investment products, and reliable customer service.

However, as with any financial institution, it’s important to conduct thorough research and consider your own financial goals and risk tolerance before opening an account.


E*TRADE sign up bonus offers an enticing opportunity for new investors to kickstart their journey in the financial markets.

With potential rewards of up to $1,000 and zero commissions on trades, it’s a great way to begin investing with extra funds.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer to maximize your investment potential and start building your wealth today.

What is the E*TRADE sign up bonus?

The E*TRADE sign up bonus is a promotional offer for new customers who open and fund a brokerage account. Depending on the promotion, you can earn cash bonuses of up to $1,000 when you meet certain deposit requirements.

How do I qualify for the E*TRADE sign up bonus?

To qualify for the ETRADE sign up bonus, you typically need to open a new brokerage account and fund it with a qualifying deposit within a specified time frame. Make sure to use the designated promo code provided by ETRADE during the sign-up process.

When will I receive the E*TRADE sign up bonus?

Once you meet the requirements for the sign-up bonus, E*TRADE will credit the bonus amount to your account within a certain period. This timeline may vary depending on the terms of the promotion, so be sure to check the offer details for more information.

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