cently finds coupon codes and earn you cashback automatically

Experience instant savings with the Cently Sign Up Bonus. Join Cently today and get a $5 sign up bonus. The most rewarding aspect of Cently is its referral program; when you refer a friend, they’ll match for you the 10% of the cashback your friend earns during their first year. What’s even sweeter? If your friend refers someone else, they receive their cashback as usual, and you also get a 10% match of the referred person’s earnings. So, the Cently Sign Up Bonus is a win-win for everyone involved!

Cently Sign Up Bonus
Cently Sign Up Bonus: Get a $5 Sign Up Bonus+ Unlimited 10% Match Cashback on Each Referral 7

Cently is a browser extension that saves you money when you shop online. Click on the link below and get all the perks of the Cently sign up bonus.

It serves as your faithful savings companion, capable of finding you the best deals and discounts on thousands of shopping sites across the web, like Macy’s, Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, Nordstrom, Groupon, Forever21, Nike, Jcrew, and many others.

 You’ll no longer waste your time and energy manually searching for coupon codes that may or may not save you money.

At Cently, unlocking cashback rewards is just the beginning of your savings journey. Dive into a world where every purchase earns you money back, boosted by our money-making referral program. 

The Cently Sign Up Bonus is one of the best ways to save money, and we’ve covered all the details in this article, so don’t waste time and get into the article.

What is a Cently Sign Up Bonus?

get cently sign up bonus today and start earning today
Cently Sign Up Bonus: Get a $5 Sign Up Bonus+ Unlimited 10% Match Cashback on Each Referral 8

Your search for the coupon code has lasted here as Cently, being your online shopping partner, does its loyal duty. It finds all the best deals and discounts for you on thousands of shopping sites across the web. 

Say goodbye to endless searching; with the Cently sign up bonus, you will not only enjoy $5 but also save your time and energy spent hunting for deals. Let Cently revolutionize your shopping experience!

There are also cashback apps like Earny, which gives a $150 sign up bonus.

What are Cently Referral Program Deals?

cently sign up bonus invitee friends and earn reward when they shop
Cently Sign Up Bonus: Get a $5 Sign Up Bonus+ Unlimited 10% Match Cashback on Each Referral 9

When you refer a friend to Cently:

  • Your friend starts using Cently and earns cashback.
  • Cently will match 10% of the cashback your friend earns for the first year. For instance, if your friend earns $100 in cashback, Cently will add an extra $10 (10% of $100) to their earnings for that year.

Now, if your friend refers someone else to Cently:

  • Your friend invites another person to join Cently.
  • When that new person earns cashback, your friend will receive their own cashback as usual.
  • Cently will also match 10% of the cashback earned by the person your friend referred. For example, if the new person earns $150 in cashback, Cently will add $15 (10% of $150) to your earnings as a reward for bringing in that new member.

It’s a way for both you and your friend to earn a little extra based on the cashback earned and for your friend to earn a bonus for introducing others to the service.

How to Install Cently?

To install Cently, follow the instructions below:

  • Proceed to Cently’s Chrome Web Store page.
  • Click the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • Click “Add Extension” in the popup to install.

Once installed, Cently will give you the option to sign up if you’d like to earn cashback rewards, let you optionally go through a very brief tutorial to get you acquainted with Cently, and then mind its own business until it can actually help save you money on a shopping site.

Earn Cashback Every Time You Shop on 1,000 Stores

cently give other money saving tricks too
Cently Sign Up Bonus: Get a $5 Sign Up Bonus+ Unlimited 10% Match Cashback on Each Referral 10

Cently offers a variety of money-saving opportunities. Apart from Cently sign up bonus and Referral program earnings, you can get cash-back rewards with every purchase at thousands of participating stores, in addition to using coupons. Let’s take a closer look at each category’s percentage.

  • 12% on Shopping: Earn an impressive 12% cashback on purchases made through participating retailers. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, or home goods, enjoy significant savings on every transaction.
  • 8% on Travel: Receive a generous 8% cashback on travel-related expenses. From flights to hotel bookings and car rentals, make your journeys even more rewarding.
  • 6% on Gaming: Get 6% cashback on gaming products and services. Level up your gaming experience while saving on consoles, games, subscriptions, and more.
  • 30% on Grocery Items: Enjoy a whopping 30% cashback on grocery purchases. Save significantly on essential items and everyday necessities while earning substantial rewards.
  • 5% on Entertainment and Movies: Get 5% cashback on entertainment and movie-related expenses. Whether it’s streaming subscriptions, movie tickets, or event bookings, enhance your leisure activities while saving money.

These cashback rates across various categories provide ample opportunities to save while indulging in your favorite activities and necessities.

There are also online money transfer services that give cashback rewards; you may check them like Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, MoneyGram, Paysend, Wise, Xoom, Xe, WorldRemit, Remitly, and Revolut.

Get the Best Price at Amazon Every Time

centlu gives best price at amazon every time.
Cently Sign Up Bonus: Get a $5 Sign Up Bonus+ Unlimited 10% Match Cashback on Each Referral 11

Cently, by ensuring and acting as a loyal friend, monitor the best and the lowest price on Amazon according to your preferences. It notifies you first when it gets on Amazon at its lowest price.

This proactive approach saves you from hassle. You get the same quality product at a better value, ensuring you never miss out on savings while shopping on the platform.

Is Cently Legit or Trustworthy?

Viewers’ reviews highlight Cently’s dedication to providing valuable savings, seamless user experiences, and trustworthy service as key pillars of its offerings. It shines among its competitors through its Trustpilot rating of 4.2 stars, a testament to its reliability and customer satisfaction.

This shine reflects the community’s confidence in Cently’s ability to consistently provide genuine deals, reliable cashback, and a user-friendly platform.

All these aspects make Cently a good player in its field as it stands as a dependable choice for smart and rewarding online shopping companion.


Cently is a web browser and your team’s new shopping companion. He’ll find you money-saving coupons or even make entire purchases for you automatically at thousands of top e-commerce stores!

 Paste in the URL of the item you want, and Cently handles submitting the purchase to the retailer automatically.

Additionally, you can get a $5 Cently sign-up bonus, plus with the referral program, you can have more cashback rewards.

The story does not end here. You can get 2% to 30% cash back rewards on shopping, travel, movie and entertainment, and grocery from thousands of retailers. Look for cheaper deals and coupons, especially on Amazon.


Where can I find my Cently referral link?

On the homepage. After signing up, the homepage is your rewards page. Can also be found under the “refer a friend” tab at the top.

Are there any fees to participate in the referral program?

No, the referral program is totally free.

What’s the sign up bonus on Cently?

$5 Cently Sign Up Bonus.

What is a Cently Referral Bonus?

Every time you refer a friend to Cently, they will match 10% of their cashback earnings for the first year. Plus, they also match 10% of the cashback earned by any friends that they invite to the service as well!

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